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Our Impact

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By changing the way we recruit, prepare, and support teachers, we can transform education in Arizona.

Yes, we want to help solve Arizona’s teacher shortage. But it’s more than that. Our goal is to recruit, prepare, and support highly effective teachers. Teachers who will become lifelong educators, committed to both their profession and the students they serve. We believe that through the Arizona Teacher Residency approach, every child in Arizona will one day be able to receive an outstanding education.

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Program Highlights

We enrolled our first cohort, a group of 22, in the summer of 2022. They will graduate with their master’s degree from NAU in late spring of 2024.

Northern Arizona University

Focused on Inclusivity

This first Arizona Teacher Residency cohort includes people from a variety of age groups and walks of life. The group includes both recent college graduates and mid-career switchers from a range of professions, including social work, real estate development, aviation, and engineering. Many have worked in schools as paraprofessionals, substitute teachers, office technicians, and assistants.

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In this first cohort:
  • 50% of residents identify as people of color

  • Nearly 30% of the cohort are men

  • Nearly half of the 22 Supervising Teachers are people of color

These percentages matter because teachers—more than any other school factor—impact student achievement the most. Specifically, teachers who reflect the diversity of their students and their communities can improve student outcomes.

Even though more than half of AZ students are people of color, 75% of teachers in Arizona are white, and about the same proportion are women.

Benefits of Teacher Residency Programs

Although The Arizona Teacher Residency Program is the first and only National Center for Teacher Residencies (NCTR) affiliated program in AZ, more than 40 programs exist across the country. These programs have demonstrated benefits in the following areas:

Teacher Retention

After three years,
85% of graduates
from an NCTR partner
residency are
still teaching.

Teacher Diversity

58% of residents
affiliated with NCTR
identify as
people of color.

Student Achievement

Graduates of teacher
residency programs
those from other programs in
student achievement data over time.

Classroom Impact

Through coherent structures, residencies powerfully shape
new teachers’ pedagogical
and relational practices.

Immediate Preparedness

More than 93% of principals
report residents from NCTR partner programs to be more
to teach compared to
a typical first-year teacher.